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We are here to make your day easier!

We really value our referrers and we care about you. 

We know how busy your day can get, so we have compiled a range of resources that can help you feel more confident managing clients with hand and wrist injuries. 

All the goodies are below - scroll down to find what you need.

Helpful tips for diagnosing and referring

We don't expect you to know ALL THE THINGS! There is so much to know. Instead, we want you to feel confident with talking to clients about their symptoms and making a plan with them. We are here to help with diagnosing and lots of experience doing this every day. You are free to download the below guides.

RHT GP referral guide front page 1.png
RHT GP referral guide front page 2.png

Helpful information for your clients

We know that clients often do better if they have the right knowledge about their injury or situation. Below, you are free to download our information sheets. 

Carpal tunnel myths
Recovering from a workplace hand injury
Tips to reduce pain when gardening

Need some individual advice?

We have a dedicated team of therapists who just see hand, wrist and arm injuries. They have the latest knowledge and can help you out when you need. Feel free to call our team on 02 6925 0157 or email us

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