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A hand therapist from Riverina Hand Therapy applying a splint to a client with a wrist injury for managing their pain

Wondering if we can help?

We see a range of clients who need assistance recovering from hand, wrist and arm injuries. Some injuries are painful, some are recent, some are old injuries (yes, we can still help!), and some have needed surgery and go on to have post op therapy care with us. 

Common hand, wrist and arm conditions and injuries that we see include:

Hand and wrist xray

Broken bones

Fractures are breaks in the bones. Yes, a broken bone is a fracture! The most common are fractures of the distal radius (largest forearm bone) and the finger bones.

A man in a post operative plaster following an injury to his little and ring fingers at work

Workplace injuries and overuse

In our local area, work place injuries to hands and wrists unfortunately happen. We are here to get you back on track and help you return to work safely.

A man in a bandage following surgery for his hand injury

Post op hand and wrists

In therapy we will often remove your post op dressings, look after your wound, and start therapy under the guidance of your surgeon. It is a team effort!

A woman holding her painful wrist because she has carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel

Symptoms include tingling in the thumb, index and middle fingers, sometimes associated with pain, and dropping items due to lack of sensation.

A finger injury sustained during sport resulting in the finger tip drooping

Finger joint injuries

These are common! They can involve a dislocation, a break in the bone, or disruption to the tendon and joint ligaments. Swelling is often present and this persistent swelling can cause stiffness and limit recovery. 

Scar tissue on the wrist following surgery. The scar is red and irritated and needs hand therapy.

Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can stick to other tissues in the body, such as nerves, tendons, skin and ligaments, which then affects those structures abilities to move and work effectively.

A trigger finger injury causing the ring finger to lock into a bent position that needs hand therapy

Trigger Finger

This can occur when the tendons pulling your fingers into a fist enlarge and have difficulty moving through a pulley.

A person holding their wrist due to pain that could be caused from ligament injury.

Wrist pain

Wrist pain affects our ability to lift, grip and feel confident using our hands. Wrist pain can be caused by ligament issues, tendon inflammation or injuries to the bones.

An adult with thumb pain from arthritis or instability.

Thumb pain

Arthritis can affect all of us at some stage. A common spot for this to occur is at the base of our thumbs. Other causes can be instability from lax ligaments. 

Helpful information to know about your injury

There are lots of ways to learn more about your situation. We are here to help you learn as much as you can because we know that will help with a speedy recovery for you. Below, you are free to download our information sheets. You can also check out our blog page.

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Need some individual advice?

We have a dedicated team of therapists who just see hand, wrist and arm injuries. They have the latest knowledge on how to best get you through your injury and are here to make the recovery road easier for you. 

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