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NDIS Upper Limb Therapy

Need help with strength, coordination or want to try a splint to help regain movement of simply stop your fingers curling in your palms?

We are very keen to work with you and find the right solutions.

What I can tell you is we know our splinting stuff!! All our therapists are well trained in the prescription, fabrication and monitoring of splinting. What we know about splinting is that we often make it look simple, but there are layers to getting it right! We are not here as a 'splint shop' where you can grab a splint and go. It doesn't suit our promise of delivering the RIGHT splint for you. The RIGHT splint takes a bit more time.

Our NDIS Splinting Package

We offer a splinting package for you.... this is the basics of how it runs, AND we can customise it to your needs at any time. To start with we recommend 4 sessions:

Initial appointment:

  • In this appointment the goals is to get to know you, your goals, and the type of splint you are hoping for. We will review your movement, joint positions, skin fragility, and function so we can plan the right splint for your needs.


Splint prescription appointment:

  • Approx 2 weeks after the Initial Appointment. This is the day we fit your splint. There are many different kinds of splints so based on what we discovered together in your initial appointment, we will go on to fit the splint so you can take it home with you.



Splint review appointment:

  • Within a week from the Splint Prescription Appointment. This is a REALLY important session. It is a chance to review how the splint is going and whether it is achieving what we had all hoped for. Sometimes we tweak things, add some padding, or all clap loudly because it is a winner!



Monitoring appointment:

  • This is booked in at 4-8 weeks following your Splint Review Appointment to check in and make sure you are doing ok. Wearing splints for the first time needs to become a habit, so we make sure that part is going ok, and we also make sure you are happy with your progress so far.


If further appointments are needed following that, then we can book them in individually. This would apply to people who would like a second splint made as a back up, or those who are undertaking serial splinting where we are changing the position of the splint frequently.

Other things we help with...

This can be as amazing as you like. We are here to learn about your goals and what you would like to achieve.

We can help with a variety of upper limb things and can provide programs to help with your fingers, hands, wrists, arms and elbows. We can also work closely with your physio (if you have one) for your shoulder so things feel smooth and coordinated. 

Ideas of things we have helped other clients with have included:

  • splinting to prevent joints becoming stiff 

  • splinting to help with grasping objects, such as holding a pen, or a cup or a fork 

  • splinting to increase finger straightening to be able to hold onto things with more ease

  • learning to use the hands for laptop use

  • finding ways to make things easier at home

  • strengthening fingers so they can do more of what you want without getting so tired

Costs to see us

We charge the same rates as for our private clients. If we need to spend any additional time in the background researching or talking to other people in your team, this might be additional but we will talk to you about it first. Once we know your goals and we work out a plan, we will pop it in a service agreement for you so you have all the details up front of the cost. 

Our initial consultation is $185. Our follow up consultations are $175.

We are very open to be as transparent as possible. If you have questions, we are very happy to answer them for you

Keen to meet with us?

Great! Because we are keen to meet with you too. 

We are very happy to take your call and discuss your needs and hopes for therapy with us. If we can help, we will book you in. If we can't help, we'll be upfront and point you in the right direction for who can assist you further. A chat to work this out on the phone is free. If you want to go ahead a book an appointment to see us, you can either phone us on 02 6925 0157 or email us at or use the button below to book online. Choose the NDIS initial assessment if it is your first time seeing us. 

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