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Riverina Hand Therapy

We go out on a limb for you!

Hand and wrist therapy for an injured finger with buddy strapping.


Get to Know Us a Bit Better

At Riverina Hand Therapy, we're all about giving you and your loved ones top-notch care in a super friendly and caring environment. We are your one stop therapy place for your hand and wrist therapy in Wagga. We think our clients deserve the best, so we work hard to make you feel welcome and important every time you visit. Whether you're popping in for a quick check or need a more detailed treatment plan, our amazing therapists have got the skills and resources to handle it all.

We're excited to help you start feeling better today!


Wagga Wagga

19/325 Edward Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

(located within the Specialist Medical Centre)

Providing wrist therapy for a client with a wrist injury. Using a wrist splint for support.


We are physiotherapists and occupational therapists providing therapy services to assist people to recover from injury, reduce pain, and return to the activities they love. We offer a range of therapy services.


At Riverina Hand Therapy, we pride ourselves on our expert assessment and treatment of both acute and chronic injuries and pain conditions.   Our personalised approach provides patients with the resources they need to get their arm use back on track — you’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident. Common diagnoses that we see include: carpal tunnel, broken bones, nerve injuries, painful joints of the fingers, thumbs and wrists, arthritis conditions, and post operative care following surgery.  We are a one stop hand, wrist and arm therapy shop, and provide all your needs including wound care, scar care, exercises, swelling control, splinting and casting, and strengthening programs.


Scar tissue forms more commonly following the healing of a wound. Some scars heal well, whilst others can be problematic.  Scars that can benefit from therapy are those that are raised and hard to touch, restrict movement, create pain or discomfort. We are trained in the assessment and treatment of scar tissue, and apply the latest therapy to reduce and soften scar tissue on any body part. We see all scar types including those following surgery or following injury.  At Riverina Hand Therapy, our friendly and experienced therapists will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed about your skin.

Common Things We Do Each Day!

Call and schedule an appointment with one of our therapists today and see what they can do for you.
All other appointments can be made by calling us on 02 6925 0157 or emailing to

You can also book online with us.

A therapist at Riverina Hand Therapy applying InterX which is used to managing pain for a client with arm pain following an injury.


Mon - Thu: 8am - 5pm

Fri: 8am - 4.30pm
Weekends: Closed 

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